Sunday, May 28, 2006

Look up Community Self Storage of Cape Coral or-any business of your choice-on the BBB website.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Customer Grade for Community Self Storage, the storage experts of Southwest Florida, in Cape Coral : F

Friday, May 26, 2006

Community Self Storage
3300 Chiquita Blvd. South
Cape Coral Florida 33914

Sometimes, when you deal with a terrible business owner, the only thing you can do is this.

My intention is to let others know about the terrible service we recieved when we did business with Community Self Storage in Cape Coral.

We were in between homes so we chose Community Self Storage. We purchased an inside unit which was also air-conditioned. The storage facility was brand new so we expected nothing but a nice place to store all of our possessions.

When we recently moved out, we saw that our unit had been invaded by rodents. The little creature(s) had eaten a crayon on our sofa. There was also feces underneath all of our belongings. By the time we noticed, all of our stuff was at our new home. The sofa was the last to go.

When I saw the sofa I knew there was no way I was taking it home. Who knew if mice had gotten down into it and had babies?

I politely let the office personnel of Community Self Storage in Cape Coral know that they had a problem and that we would NOT be taking the couch. The girl said she the owner was out of town but that she talked to his daughter and she said when he got back he would let us know what he would do for us.

I called back with a few days assuming that the owners would compensate us in some small way for their rodent problem. Whether by a partial refund or just compensating us for lost goods, I figured surely the owners would take some responsibilty for this.

Yeah. Right.

Not only did they NOT take responsibility, they were absolutely obnoxious.

I called them on two separate occasions and spoke to the owner-wife. I can only presume she was the owner considering how she was talking to me. Needless to say, she let me know they would NOT be doing anything for us. She let me know it was our problem per the contract. She offered no apology that we lost furniture due to their rodent problem. When I asked if the sofa was still in the unit she very sarcastically informed me the sofa and the storage unit were gone. It was as if she was saying "In your face...". She promptly told me that there was nothing we could do and then hung up on me while I was talking.

Let me just say this as well. We paid for the full month of May 2006 and were out on May 22, 2006 for them, as they asked. Yet, we were getting this type of attitude.

I had my husband call and ask for the owner. We figured we may get a better response. After all, we were told he would do something for us.

If ever I have dealt with a company that disrespected it's customers, it was Community Self Storage in Cape Coral.

The owner told my husband that he had so much business it didn't matter what my husband said about our experience with Community Self Storage. He informed my husband he would not be compensating us for our sofa. He offered NO apology.

He basically revealed his ignorance as a business owner. Word of mouth eventually catches up with you.

Here's the kicker. My husband asked to the owner to compensate us in the amount of $100.00. Our sofa, only a couple years old, was $700.00. He refused to do that of course. And, he never offered an apology. He did however tell us we were lucky he didn't charge us for moving our couch.

LOL. Can you believe that? Yes, he did say that.

You may wonder what the point of this is. It's just to use word of mouth to let others know what type of business owners run Community Self Storage.

While I'm aware that provisions in the contract may protect him as the owner of Community Self Storage in Cape Coral. I'm also aware that a storage faciility should take preventative measures to PREVENT rodents in their buildings.

They are now...

It's just one of those things, we as customers felt like we didn't need to worry about. That is why we were paying $158.00 a month!

I don't mind so much that I lost a sofa and had rodents on my belongings. What I do mind is the owners of a business treating me and my husband like rubbish.

The owners of Community Self Storage in Cape Coral won this in their mind, but they will always be losers in our book.

Community Self Storage -take your belongings elsewhere.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Moving into the Cape Coral, Fort Myers area?!? We know who not to recommend: Community Self Storage. There are however, storage facilities that treat the customer with respect.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Community Self Storage is designed, built and managed by local residents and business owners who know the climate, quality construction, and the best ways to store your goods."

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